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Camera n°20 (january-march 2018), an article of Valentine Plisnier : « Parties Communes et Seuils d’Eric Rondepierre : zone iconique partagée », pp. 52-55, with two photos : Rixe (2005-2007)  and Courant (2008).



- « Henry’art » (about Philip Roth)  of Eric Rondepierre, in Tinbad n°5, February 2018.



- Chimeres (review created by Deleuze and guattari) will welcome fifteen photographies of Eric Rondepierre in a number n°87 (Potentialities-cinema), juanuary 2017. He will also make the cover.



- In the collection of the " Interviews of artpress", five books have just been published on the photography ; one of these books is dedicated to the Experiment (Belin, Fleischer, Fontcuberta, Rondepierre, Ruff, Tillmans) and includes an interview of Eric Rondepierre with Evence Verdier. Nathalie Delbard's foreword.


- The last book of  Hubert Damisch  (Seuil, La Librairie du XXe siècle, 2016) - « La ruse du tableau, la peinture ou ce qu’il en reste » - contains an article on the work of Eric Rondepierre : « Medium en délit » (published in Eric Rondepierre, Léo Scheer, Paris, 2003 , on the website)


- « Dredging the illegible », the texte of Garrett Stewart on d’Eric Rondepierre’s works appeared in June 2016 in the review AMODERN n°6 (downloadable on this website in English in the section « articles sélection »), will be published again in 2017, in an increased version, with Eric Rondepierre’s photos, in prestigious review University of Chicago Press whose title will be : « Transmedium : conceptualism 2.0 and the New Object Art ». Edition of 1000 copies.


« Bakground », artist's book published by Charlotte sometimes editions. Bertrand Schefer's text, Eric Rondepierre's new images (november 2016)

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- Fabien Ribery’s blog : « L’élastique du jokari et le jardin des ombres – l’enfance est une image » (about  Champs-Elysées ») 

Interview with Eric Rondepierre (two parts) :